Hernia treatment

Weak spots or unhealed wounds of the abdominal muscles can give up to the pressure from the internal organs and let the organs protrude through them. Hernias can develop in people of all age groups. Most adults need surgery but in children they will retract on their own.

Even though most hernias are harmless, some might cause intestinal strangulation and gangrene. Strangulation of organ by hernias is a fatal complication if not treated on time. Strangulation is a medical emergency and surgery will be performed to remove the dead tissue or gangrene.

Hernia surgeries we offer include:

Inguinal Hernia Surgery
Femoral hernia Repair Surgery
Umbilical Hernia Surgery
Incisional Hernia Surgery

We provide comprehensive treatment options for the hernias. Our treatment options for hernia surgeries include minimally invasive procedures, open surgeries. Treatment plans are charted out by our team upon a detailed evaluation of the patient.

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