Trauma Surgery

Trauma surgery is a medical procedure, which involves invasive treatment of physical injuries, especially in cases of emergencies. Trauma surgeons resuscitate and stabilize critically injured patients. In addition to surgeons, the trauma team usually includes nurses and support staff, including resident physicians.

Trauma surgeons address injuries to the neck, chest, abdomen and other extremities. They also treat musculoskeletal trauma- injuries to bones and muscle. Trauma surgeons are familiar with a wide variety of general surgical, thoracic and vascular procedures and possess the capability to make complex decisions.

Most of the patients admitted to trauma centers have multiple injuries that involve different organ systems. Therefore care of such patients in many cases requires extensive diagnostic studies and operative procedures. A trauma surgeon prioritizes these procedures and designs the overall treatment plan.

The evaluation procedure is carried out when the patient arrives at the hospital. A set of predetermined protocols or triage is followed in cases where detection and treatment of life-threatening conditions is of utmost importance. Non-life threatening injuries are attended to once the initial examination and diagnosis is complete.

At our center we offer surgical treatment for all types of Gastro-intestinal trauma cases including:

Liver Injuries
Splenic Injuries
Bowel Injuries
Retroperitonial Injuries
Injuries of Duodenum & Pancreas

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