Treatment from the Best Colorectal Surgeon in Hyderabad: Dr. Sujeeth Kumar

Looking for the best treatment for ulcerative colitis? Look no further as you have reached the best colorectal surgeon in Hyderabad. Dr. Sujeeth Kumar is one of the most reputed doctors in Hyderabad who offers multiple minimally invasive surgeries. Laparoscopic colorectal surgery is one of them.

As the best colorectal surgery specialist in Hyderabad, Dr. Kumar has the best facility at his clinic for addressing colorectal diseases, Crohn’s disease, etc., and helping you get back to normal life.

What is Colorectal Surgery?

All of the lower digestive tract’s organs, including the rectum, pelvic floor, colon, anus, and small intestine, are collectively referred to as colorectal organs. Colorectal surgery is the best method to deal with hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, and cancer in the lower digestive tract.

Types of Surgeries offered by The Best Colorectal Surgery doctor in Hyderabad

At Dr. Kumar’s clinic, patients can get different types of colorectal surgeries with the utmost expertise and precision. Here you will get different types of professional laparoscopic colorectal surgeries such as:

Laparoscopic Colorectal Surgery

Dr. Kumar performs different laparoscopic colorectal surgeries including colectomies, rectal resections, and polyp removal using tiny incisions and sophisticated instruments.

Robotic-Colorectal Surgeries

Dr. Sujeeth Kumar uses robotic technology to increase precision during colorectal surgeries. This is extremely useful for complicated operations like sphincter-sparing procedures and complex tumor resections because it provides clear visualization.

Transanal Minimally Invasive Surgery (TAMIS)

Dr. Kumar uses TAMIS, a minimally invasive technique that allows for the removal of lesions through the anus. The process is less risky because it requires less abdominal incisions. This method facilitates a quicker recovery and lessens discomfort.

What are the Benefits of Laparoscopic Colorectal Procedures?

The laparoscopic colorectal surgery techniques come with multiple benefits. These are:

Faster Recovery

Patients can resume their regular life more quickly as this minimally invasive treatment shorten hospital stays and hasten returns to routine activities.

Less discomfort and Discomfort

Because smaller incisions cause less damage to the body, there is less discomfort after surgery and a more comfortable recovery.

Minimal Scarring

Due to the smaller incisions and less obvious scarring, patients appreciate the aesthetic advantages of minimally invasive surgery.

Enhanced Precision

The excellent precision and vision offered by robotic assistance and laparoscopic equipment to surgeons ensures the best possible surgical results.

Lesser Infection Chance

There is a lesser chance of surgical site infections with less exposure of internal organs to the external environment.

Why Dr. Sujeeth Kumar is Considered the Best Colorectal Surgeon in Hyderabad?

The reasons for the increased popularity of Dr. Sujeeth Kumar include:

Affordable Colorectal Treatment in Hyderabad

Dr. Kumar offers the most affordable packages for colorectal treatment in Hyderabad and you can also get free consultation as well.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Dr. Kumar’s clinic has all the necessary modern facilities for minimally invasive surgery so that people can get the best treatment.

Patient-Centric Approach

Every patient has different issues that should be addressed with a personalized approach. Dr. Kumar’s efficient team will ensure a patient-centric treatment plan that will be extremely helpful for fighting colorectal diseases.

Frequently Asked Questions:
What is the recovery period of a colorectal surgery?

The recovery period generally depends on the type of colorectal surgery, your physical condition, and medication. However, at Dr. Sujeeth Kumar’s clinic, you will have minimally invasive colorectal surgery which has a very brief recovery period.

Can I book an emergency appointment with Dr. Kumar?

The clinic’s official phone number stays active throughout working hours. You will get prompt assistance for emergency cases. We also have a referral facility so no patient should face delay in getting treatment.

How successful is colorectal surgery?
Colorectal surgery has a high success rate that ranges between 90% to 100% for stage 1 cases. In stage 2 and stage 3 cases it varies between 59% to 97%.