Expert Fistula Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad: Dr. Sujeeth Kumar

Get relief from fistula pain with efficient treatment from Dr. Sujeeth Kumar. Are you looking for the best fistula surgery doctor in Hyderabad? Dr. Sujeeth Kumar’s clinic is the perfect destination for you. Whether it is surgical treatment or medicinal, you can get the best assistance from Dr. Kumar.

What is Anal Fistula?

An anal fistula, often caused by an infected anal gland, is a tiny tunnel that forms between the skin around the anus and the inner anal canal. Ananl fistula reduces a person’s quality of life by causing discomfort, edema, and recurrent abscesses.

Advanced Fistula Treatment in Hyderabad at Dr. Kumar’s Clinic

Dr. Sujeeth Kumar offers advanced laser Surgery for Anal Fistula in Hyderabad. The specialty of this kind of surgery is its convenience and minimum post-surgical effects. Here is a brief understanding of the laser anal fistula surgery:

What is Laser Anal Fistula Surgery?

It is a minimally invasive surgical treatment that repairs anal fistulas. It has another name which is laser fistulotomy or laser closure of the fistula tract. In laser anal fistula surgery, a specialized medical laser is used to treat the fistula.

How Does Laser Anal Fistual Surgery Work?

Here's how the procedure generally works:

      • Anesthesia: Doctors often give a local anesthetic to the patient to numb the region around the anus, ensuring that they are pain-free throughout the surgery.
      • Laser Application: Through the exterior aperture, a laser attached to a thin, flexible fiber-optic cable is injected into the fistula tract. The tract is then the target of the laser energy.
      • Fistula Tract Ablation: The tissue lining the fistula tract is vaporized or ablated using laser radiation. The tract is effectively sealed from the inside and closed off by this procedure.
      • Internal Opening Closure: In some circumstances, the laser can be utilized to seal the internal fistula opening, further inhibiting recurrence.

What are the Benefits of Laser Anal Fistula Surgery?

This minimally invasive surgery is popular for its benefits as it can help you to get back to normal life very quickly. Some of the benefits of this surgery include:

      • Low pain and discomfort
      • Minimum scarring
      • Quicker healing
      • Reduced risk of other physical damage

Why Choose Dr. Sujeeth Kumar as the Best Fistula Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad?

The reasons for choosing Dr. Kumar to get the best fistula surgery in Hyderabad are:

Affordable Fistula Surgery Cost in Hyderabad

At Dr. Kumar’s clinic, you will get the most affordable packages for fistula surgery which will include complimentary consultation to post-surgical fistula healing treatment.

Best Team of Healthcare Professionals

Dr. Kumar’s clinic is well-equipped with professional medical professionals who can offer you the best fistula treatment and compassionate care.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

With state-of-the-art technology and a committed staff, Dr. Sujeeth Kumar's clinic can guarantee that you will get the best care possible in a clean and compassionate setting.

Thus, come to Dr. Sujeeth Kumar’s clinic to bid goodbye to the extreme discomfort of anal fistula and embrace a great lifestyle.

Frequently Asked Questions
What are the common symptoms of fistula?
The common symptoms of fistula include extreme pain, swelling, uncomfortable bowel movement, pus discharge, etc.
When should I go for a fistula surgery?
Perianal Fistula Surgery is very common for healing this illness, however, in the primary stage, it can be managed with medicines. Thus, if you feel extreme discomfort you should visit a doctor and they will guide you whether you need surgery or medicinal treatment.
What is the cost of fistula surgery at Dr. Sujeeth Kumar’s clinic?
The cost of fistula surgery at Dr. Sujeeth Kumar’s clinic is highly affordable and there are different options to choose from. Contact us now to know in detail.