Relief with Efficient Methods: Dr. Sujeeth Kumar's Expert Piles Surgery in Hyderabad

Are you suffering from the discomfort and pain of piles (hemorrhoids)? Do not worry as it is a very common disease at the same time completely treatable with proper methods. However, if you feel severe discomfort then you can choose an efficient piles surgery in Hyderabad from Dr. Sujeeth Kumar. He is one of the most renowned doctors in Hyderabad for offering the best painless laser surgery for piles in Hyderabad.

What is Piles?

Hemorrhoidal piles are enlarged blood vessels in the rectum and anus. They may result in irritation, bleeding, itching, and pain. The common causes of piles include a sedentary lifestyle, a bad diet, genetics, and sometimes complications during or after pregnancy.

Painless Laser Surgery for Piles in Hyderabad: What is It?

Painless piles hemorrhoid surgery is an extremely popular process nowadays. It is an outpatient, less invasive surgery. A little laser beam is used in the procedure to remove the tissue. During the process, no harm is caused to the healthy tissue surrounding the area. There are hardly any negative effects of laser hemorrhoid surgery and proper post-operative care can make the healing process much faster.

Why Choose Dr. Sujeeth Kumar as the Best Piles Surgery Doctor in Hyderabad?

The expertise of Dr. Sujeeth Kumar in handling minimally invasive piles surgery has made him highly popular among the people of Hyderabad. For your knowledge, here is his expertise:

Expert Diagnoses

Dr. Kumar offers precise diagnosis to establish the type and severity of the piles you are experiencing. He suggests customized treatment plans with accuracy.

Individualized Care

To address your unique requirements and concerns, Dr. Kumar provides tailored therapy alternatives.

Efficient Piles Treatment in Hyderabad

As a reputed piles surgery doctor Sujeeth Kumar's popular piles surgical treatments include:
a) Laser Hemorrhoid Surgery: A minimally invasive surgery called laser hemorrhoid employs laser energy to reduce and remove hemorrhoidal tissue.
b) Stapled Hemorrhoidopexy: Hemorrhoids are stapled back into place during a treatment known as stapled hemorrhoidopexy (PPH), which lessens pain and bleeding.
c) Conventional Hemorrhoidectomy: Doctors surgically remove hemorrhoids using conventional hemorrhoidectomy techniques.

Advanced, minimally invasive surgical methods are used by Dr. Kumar to cure piles, resulting in a speedier recovery and little discomfort.

Patient-Centric Approach

His patient-centered approach ensures that you'll get the attention and support you need as you work toward a full recovery.

Post-Operative Care for Piles Surgery

Post-operative care is extremely important to recover fully even from a minimally invasive piles surgery. Thus, Dr. Sujeeth Kumar offers the best post-surgical care along with piles surgery in Hyderabad.

Highlights of Dr. Kumar’s Minimally Invasive Piles Surgery in Hyderabad

Here is a quick highlight of what you can expect from Dr. Kumar’s clinic for a minimally invasive piles surgery:

    • Skilled and professional team
    • Extensive surgical options for hemorrhoids
    • Modern infrastructure and cutting-edge technologies
    • A track record of successfully treating piles
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the recovery time for a laser hemorrhoid surgery?
It takes a minimum possible time to heal the effects of laser hemorrhoid surgery. However, it also depends on the different physical factors of the patient.
How much time does a laser piles surgery require?
A laser piles surgery generally requires 1 to 2 hours. Patients get quick discharge as well.
When should you opt for piles surgery?
Symptoms like continuous bleeding stool, extreme discomfort, pain, sitting problems, etc. are signs of seeking surgical care.